Sunday, 18 September 2011

Weeds Armed With Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Power!

Weeds season 7 episode 12
Have you ever imagined moving an object (say, a castle) the way you want? You can manipulate it and do whatever you wish to do inside it. The new installment of Weeds is going to feature something similar to this, involving some imagined manipulation tactics?

In Weeds, the heroes are not so heroic, but have moral sense. The story is about Nancy and her family who get into the nasty business of drugs, and later, are sucked into the criminal world.

Let’s grab a recap before talking about Weeds season 7 episode 12!

Nancy is back after three years of prison, but she will have to live in a halfway house, which is monitored by the Police and other authorities. Other members of her family have spent the last three years in Denmark.

Andy along with Doug and Tillerman went to Hamptons to get new clients for Vehement. Andy decided to go as Bill Sussman, a very rich man who has made loads and loads of money for Vehement.

Nancy insisted that she should accompany them in order to do some business. She is smart when it comes to business; she claimed that MILF is the most expensive thing in the market and sold it to New Yorkers at staggering prices.

Silas was not happy with Nancy and didn’t want to work under her. Emma offered employment opportunities to Silas, but he said no to her. Meanwhile, during a raid at Pouncy House, Denny and Emma are arrested.
Shane later revealed that Nancy has a big role behind Emma’s arrest.

All these string of events have made way for an electrifying new episode, titled ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’. Will Silas walk his own path now? In the new one, Silas and Nancy fight over the drug business and Doug will be seen trying hard to dodge the SEC agent.

I cannot wait to watch the upcoming installment!

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