Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Demian Bichir turns into a savage!

Demian Bichir turns into a savage!

Well, not literally, but yes Demian Bichir has been chosen for the upcoming movie (Savages) of the famous director Oliver Stone.

It seems that people love him as a bad guy, which is why Demian is all set to play the role of a bad guy in ‘Savages’ too.

In Weeds, the actor played the role of Nancy’s partner, who was a Mexican drug peddler. A negative role always allows an actor to show his talent. Luckily, Demian also flaunted his acting skills with the help of Esteban Reyes, the character that he played in Weeds series. 

Presently, the show is off air, but you can take a look at this character, if you download Weeds.

Coming back to his upcoming project, in this movie the actor will be seen with famous personalities like Salma Hayek, Blake Lively and Benicio del Toro.

The story of Savages is set in the beautiful Beach of California, Laguna, where two drug dealers have been doing a profitable business.

But a sudden twist changes their destiny! They have a common girlfriend. I know it is a bit strange, but everything is possible in the strange world of criminals. The dealers face the biggest challenge in their lives, when a famous drug dealing group kidnaps their lady love.

In the movie, your favorite actor Demian will appear as Alex, a legal representative of the high profile cartel.  We all have high expectations from Damien and I’m sure he will live up to them.

Before I forget to share, I want to tell you that Weeds is coming back once again with all fresh installments.
Will he reprise his role in the upcoming season? Well, everything will be disclosed when you will catch the new season of the show. If you’ve been missing this talented guy, then watch Weeds online.

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