Friday, 1 July 2011

The Weeds’ Traumatic Reality!

Life has this irritating habit of moving on. Sometimes to our dismay, and sometimes to our pleasure, it keeps moving on and on. For Nancy Price Botwin, life would move on but much to her pleasure.

Weeds season 7 episode 2 would see Mary taking in the free air in New York City. She would try to make a space for herself after serving three years in jail. Starting from scratch would be difficult, but she would try to kick-start things on her own.

Would she be able to get on her feet once again, or will she falter? Well, I don’t know the answer, but the upcoming segment will surely answer this question.

Feeling lonely in the city, she would be invaded by some people from the past. Don’t imagine the bad past; it’s the good one that I am talking about. Andy and Shane would come to see Nancy, much to her astonishment.

Is this just a visit from some close ones, or is there something more into it? The upcoming episode asks for a keen watch to gain an insight into the matter.

While Nancy’s life would see a couple of surprises, Silas would be seen walking towards the world of glamour and flashing lights. She would sit down to give all his attention to his ramp job.

If you are thinking this is all that this episode can offer, you surely are on thin ice. Doug would be seen locating someone from the past. He would try to come in contact with a long time buddy. Would his search bear fruits?

Again, don’t glance at me. Watch the episode and find out yourself!

Nancy has come a long way in her life, but I have a feeling that there is a lot to come!

So, Weeds will grow on for now!

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