Sunday, 24 July 2011

When it Comes to Weeds, Nancy is at the Receiving End!

weeds season 7 episode 5
Have you ever noticed Nancy’s predicament in the series?
Each time I watch Weeds, a sense of unease enters into my heart. Nancy has done a lot for her family, but each time she falls prey into the hands of destiny.
Moreover, the more she tries to get out of this vicious circle, the more she gets entrapped into it. To say the least, each installment sees Nancy struggling with her daily errands.
And now, while you catch up with Weeds season 7 episode 5, you will witness Nancy being pressurized by Jill to take over Stevie’s custody, and bear the entire tuition expenses.
Also, since Nancy manages to grab a job at Dough’s office as her assistant, Jill thinks she will be able to bear Stevie’s expenses quite comfortably.
But Nancy will constantly strive to attain mental peace of which she has been bereft, for far too long now!
On the other hand, Shane maintains his house without taking much out of Andy’s advice. This might be a matter of concern for the latter.
However, the major twist comes in the last segment when the company’s CEO starts hitting on Nancy! That was the most eye-catching scenario.
Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether Nancy will reciprocate the feelings of the CEO.
Figure that out while you catch-up with yet another inviting segment of this dark comedy.
P.S. The imminent batch will air on July 26!

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