Friday, 15 July 2011

Nancy Has Set Out On Job Hunting!

Leaving a few of those who harbor that obnoxious yearning, others inhabiting the suburb of Agrestic in Los Angeles would be oblivious of the fact that Nancy Botwin has transformed this otherwise serene vicinity into a drug cartel pock.

But Nancy had gone so far that there could not be any looking back, for surging ahead was the only option available to her, as she took to facilitating marijuana in her neighborhood to keep up with her lavish lifestyle.

Tune in to Weeds season 7 episode 4 and catch up with Nancy, who is now bearing the brunt of her action, as she’s serving sentence at the Halfway House in New York, after being released from the Danbury Prison.

Nancy has to comply with certain obligations that include having a job, combined with savings and family support, and only then can she bid farewell to the Halfway House.

This upcoming batch would certainly make for an interesting watch, as it would showcase some of the harsh reality as confronted by Nancy, for grabbing a job ain’t that easy.

Previous parts have featured Doug getting a job as CPA, and now Nancy would be digging him to help her with a job opportunity at his office.

In the previous episode, with everyone associated with Nancy pouring into New York, the next obvious step was to look for a residence that was suitable in all respects.

Shane would be seen putting things in place at their new home, with the help of Andy, who’s yet to absorb the sequence of events. I guess things would not be rosy for Nancy and her aides; nevertheless, their attempt to start it all afresh will bear sweet fruits at the end of the day.

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