Saturday, 9 July 2011

Botwin Household And Their Share Of Hiccups Seem Unending!

When Nancy started off with her marijuana business, transforming it into a cartel, the instant thought that popped up in my mind was – Ok! It isn’t that bad, she harps on something like this to keep the mill running!

Perhaps, it was a thought fed on a dosage of sympathy for the lady who was widowed, and hit down the dark alley to keep up her lavish lifestyle.

When the pendulum did strike that hour that was not in favor of the lady, things started going topsy-turvy in her life, poor woman!

Tune in to Weeds season 7 episode 3 to see Nancy who is looking for some means to settle into the halfway house in New York, where she’s serving her sentence.

The upcoming batch is one that I guess the aficionados of the show would certainly watch out for, as Nancy’s tryst with her new milieu would remind us of her frailties as an individual, reminding of the fact that nefarious means seldom yield results that one could thrive on for long.

While Nancy would be grappling with issues cropping up at the Halfway House, her sister Jill would be dropping in with some news that Nancy isn’t anticipating at all.

Titled Game-Played, this installment is due to be aired on July 11, 2011.

Andy and Shane would be moving into New York, and Silas would come out with flying colors, landing his first modeling assignment!

Well, it seems like the entire Botwin household is striving to hit back to normalcy, in the wake of the recent rumblings that sent tremors in their lives.

Guess what? Even Doug would make it, and land with a job!

Would it be so easy for them to start afresh? Perhaps not, but then, they aren’t the ones to give it up so easily!

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