Sunday, 31 July 2011

Despite being on parole, Nancy goes on flirting with danger…

….And that might be an alternative on her part to give vent to the frustration triggered by the legal dilemma on Stevie’s custody!

Yeah, that’s true; in the last episode of the show, we witnessed how Nancy’s sister Jill managed to postpone the hearing on Stevie’s custody by two months.

And as you view Weeds season 7 episode 6, you would see Nancy’s plan to re-start a business with Heylia James incurring hiccups.

 Heylia was once instrumental in helping Nancy with the supplies of weed. And it’s for the same reason she turns to the lady.

However, much to the surprise of Nancy, she would turn down request of supplying pot. What would Nancy do after that?
Remember, she has already crossed the limits by opting for weed dealing.  But it looks like she wouldn’t stop flirting with danger.

One wrong move, she would find herself behind the bars once again. With Nancy likely to consider other options, the forthcoming incidents would certainly be interesting to watch.

On the other hand, her brother-in-law, Andy would be seen trying to engage into something else after splitting up with Maxeen.  He would discuss a new business plan with Shane and Doug.

I don’t know about Doug and Shane’s reaction on the new venture. But I am sure it would tempt Nancy to some extent! Do you think she will join hands with her brother-in-law?

Well, it depends on the nature of business Andy would be considering, and we would get to know about it in ‘Object Impermanence’, the soon-to-be released episode.

Humor might come out when Andy would be seen hell bent on roping in Shane and Doug in the new business. So, don’t miss out on any moment!

After the announcement of Nancy’s parole, the people, who were close to her like Andy, Doug, Shane and Silas, stormed into New York City, which was admirable. But in order to survive in Big Apple, all they need is money!

As a result, the ongoing season has been focused on the stabilization of Nancy’s and others’ lives. And, in the course of that, we are seeing some funny and dramatic twists & turns!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

When it Comes to Weeds, Nancy is at the Receiving End!

weeds season 7 episode 5
Have you ever noticed Nancy’s predicament in the series?
Each time I watch Weeds, a sense of unease enters into my heart. Nancy has done a lot for her family, but each time she falls prey into the hands of destiny.
Moreover, the more she tries to get out of this vicious circle, the more she gets entrapped into it. To say the least, each installment sees Nancy struggling with her daily errands.
And now, while you catch up with Weeds season 7 episode 5, you will witness Nancy being pressurized by Jill to take over Stevie’s custody, and bear the entire tuition expenses.
Also, since Nancy manages to grab a job at Dough’s office as her assistant, Jill thinks she will be able to bear Stevie’s expenses quite comfortably.
But Nancy will constantly strive to attain mental peace of which she has been bereft, for far too long now!
On the other hand, Shane maintains his house without taking much out of Andy’s advice. This might be a matter of concern for the latter.
However, the major twist comes in the last segment when the company’s CEO starts hitting on Nancy! That was the most eye-catching scenario.
Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether Nancy will reciprocate the feelings of the CEO.
Figure that out while you catch-up with yet another inviting segment of this dark comedy.
P.S. The imminent batch will air on July 26!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Nancy Has Set Out On Job Hunting!

Leaving a few of those who harbor that obnoxious yearning, others inhabiting the suburb of Agrestic in Los Angeles would be oblivious of the fact that Nancy Botwin has transformed this otherwise serene vicinity into a drug cartel pock.

But Nancy had gone so far that there could not be any looking back, for surging ahead was the only option available to her, as she took to facilitating marijuana in her neighborhood to keep up with her lavish lifestyle.

Tune in to Weeds season 7 episode 4 and catch up with Nancy, who is now bearing the brunt of her action, as she’s serving sentence at the Halfway House in New York, after being released from the Danbury Prison.

Nancy has to comply with certain obligations that include having a job, combined with savings and family support, and only then can she bid farewell to the Halfway House.

This upcoming batch would certainly make for an interesting watch, as it would showcase some of the harsh reality as confronted by Nancy, for grabbing a job ain’t that easy.

Previous parts have featured Doug getting a job as CPA, and now Nancy would be digging him to help her with a job opportunity at his office.

In the previous episode, with everyone associated with Nancy pouring into New York, the next obvious step was to look for a residence that was suitable in all respects.

Shane would be seen putting things in place at their new home, with the help of Andy, who’s yet to absorb the sequence of events. I guess things would not be rosy for Nancy and her aides; nevertheless, their attempt to start it all afresh will bear sweet fruits at the end of the day.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Botwin Household And Their Share Of Hiccups Seem Unending!

When Nancy started off with her marijuana business, transforming it into a cartel, the instant thought that popped up in my mind was – Ok! It isn’t that bad, she harps on something like this to keep the mill running!

Perhaps, it was a thought fed on a dosage of sympathy for the lady who was widowed, and hit down the dark alley to keep up her lavish lifestyle.

When the pendulum did strike that hour that was not in favor of the lady, things started going topsy-turvy in her life, poor woman!

Tune in to Weeds season 7 episode 3 to see Nancy who is looking for some means to settle into the halfway house in New York, where she’s serving her sentence.

The upcoming batch is one that I guess the aficionados of the show would certainly watch out for, as Nancy’s tryst with her new milieu would remind us of her frailties as an individual, reminding of the fact that nefarious means seldom yield results that one could thrive on for long.

While Nancy would be grappling with issues cropping up at the Halfway House, her sister Jill would be dropping in with some news that Nancy isn’t anticipating at all.

Titled Game-Played, this installment is due to be aired on July 11, 2011.

Andy and Shane would be moving into New York, and Silas would come out with flying colors, landing his first modeling assignment!

Well, it seems like the entire Botwin household is striving to hit back to normalcy, in the wake of the recent rumblings that sent tremors in their lives.

Guess what? Even Doug would make it, and land with a job!

Would it be so easy for them to start afresh? Perhaps not, but then, they aren’t the ones to give it up so easily!

Friday, 1 July 2011

The Weeds’ Traumatic Reality!

Life has this irritating habit of moving on. Sometimes to our dismay, and sometimes to our pleasure, it keeps moving on and on. For Nancy Price Botwin, life would move on but much to her pleasure.

Weeds season 7 episode 2 would see Mary taking in the free air in New York City. She would try to make a space for herself after serving three years in jail. Starting from scratch would be difficult, but she would try to kick-start things on her own.

Would she be able to get on her feet once again, or will she falter? Well, I don’t know the answer, but the upcoming segment will surely answer this question.

Feeling lonely in the city, she would be invaded by some people from the past. Don’t imagine the bad past; it’s the good one that I am talking about. Andy and Shane would come to see Nancy, much to her astonishment.

Is this just a visit from some close ones, or is there something more into it? The upcoming episode asks for a keen watch to gain an insight into the matter.

While Nancy’s life would see a couple of surprises, Silas would be seen walking towards the world of glamour and flashing lights. She would sit down to give all his attention to his ramp job.

If you are thinking this is all that this episode can offer, you surely are on thin ice. Doug would be seen locating someone from the past. He would try to come in contact with a long time buddy. Would his search bear fruits?

Again, don’t glance at me. Watch the episode and find out yourself!

Nancy has come a long way in her life, but I have a feeling that there is a lot to come!

So, Weeds will grow on for now!