Sunday, 31 July 2011

Despite being on parole, Nancy goes on flirting with danger…

….And that might be an alternative on her part to give vent to the frustration triggered by the legal dilemma on Stevie’s custody!

Yeah, that’s true; in the last episode of the show, we witnessed how Nancy’s sister Jill managed to postpone the hearing on Stevie’s custody by two months.

And as you view Weeds season 7 episode 6, you would see Nancy’s plan to re-start a business with Heylia James incurring hiccups.

 Heylia was once instrumental in helping Nancy with the supplies of weed. And it’s for the same reason she turns to the lady.

However, much to the surprise of Nancy, she would turn down request of supplying pot. What would Nancy do after that?
Remember, she has already crossed the limits by opting for weed dealing.  But it looks like she wouldn’t stop flirting with danger.

One wrong move, she would find herself behind the bars once again. With Nancy likely to consider other options, the forthcoming incidents would certainly be interesting to watch.

On the other hand, her brother-in-law, Andy would be seen trying to engage into something else after splitting up with Maxeen.  He would discuss a new business plan with Shane and Doug.

I don’t know about Doug and Shane’s reaction on the new venture. But I am sure it would tempt Nancy to some extent! Do you think she will join hands with her brother-in-law?

Well, it depends on the nature of business Andy would be considering, and we would get to know about it in ‘Object Impermanence’, the soon-to-be released episode.

Humor might come out when Andy would be seen hell bent on roping in Shane and Doug in the new business. So, don’t miss out on any moment!

After the announcement of Nancy’s parole, the people, who were close to her like Andy, Doug, Shane and Silas, stormed into New York City, which was admirable. But in order to survive in Big Apple, all they need is money!

As a result, the ongoing season has been focused on the stabilization of Nancy’s and others’ lives. And, in the course of that, we are seeing some funny and dramatic twists & turns!

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