Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nancy Justifies The Title ‘Weeds’, Yet Again!

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Come August 8, and you will see Nancy selling off weed, right in the midst of Doug's softball game. Hence, justifying the title thing comes to fore.

Weeds season 7 episode 7 will bring to you, the old Nancy, who would be helped by Andy and Silas, as they also re-open their bike and weed business.

The imminent batch is expected to bring back the lost Nancy. Guess any forebodings won’t be a right step now, though it is all what I can perceive.

Meanwhile, the best option is to discuss the last segment of the black comedy.

Last week, Heylia’s attack could have proved to be quite fatal for Nancy or Silas. However, they escaped the bullet from Heylia’s gun.

Perhaps, if you have noticed, Heylia’s frustration seems to be more because of Conrad, who has abandoned her. He deserted Heylia, and went to reside with his new girlfriend.

Since Heliya held Nancy responsible for her dejection and desolation, she shot at her. But in the latter half of the segment, Silas prompted Heylia about how he aided her in reconciling Conrad’s mind, and she agrees at providing weeds to Nancy.

All in all, it was a quite a tough time for Nancy, like it usually is.

But as you watch the upcoming episode, you might realize that Nancy will be trying to slip into normalcy.

Rest, time will tell! Keep savoring the spoilers until the impending batch sees the light of day.

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