Monday, 29 August 2011

Weeds Brings more thrills in form of System Overhead!

weeds season 7 episode 10
Things have been going pretty crazy in Weeds. And if cue is to be followed from the last episode, the happenings will surely take the audience by surprise.

We saw Nancy wreaking havoc in the last episode. The first one who fell into her dirty games was Zoya.

Zoya has been on Nancy’s nerves for quite some time, and she was looking for an opportunity to get rid of her. In the last episode, she found one.

When Clive handed her the keys to his place after discovering SEC, Nancy smelled an opportunity.

She set the place on fire and framed Zoya in the whole set-up. To complete her plot, she told Zoya that police may be on a lookout for her and that she needs to get out!

Well, Poor Zoya completely fell into her trap, but it is possible that she will come to know about Nancy’s game.

The other man who suffered the lash because of Nancy was Shane.

He was keen to join hands with Nancy by helping her while remaining inside NYPD, but she was reluctant to accept his offer.

To make the lady change her mind, Shane stole a crucial piece of information on Pouncy House, but Nancy was hardly impressed.

Matters became worse for Shane when Ouellette came to know about the little secret.

Would Shane be able to make his way out, or would he suffer at the hands of law?

Well, I am not sure about the outcome, but Weeds season 7 episode 10 may answer the question under discussion.

Silas was also in for a shock when he came across an information stating involvement of Emma with Pouncy House! In the upcoming episode, he along with Andy and Nancy will plan a revenge on Emma.

Well, I can assure that all the fun involved with the next episode has made it a must watch.

So, stay tuned!

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