Monday, 22 August 2011

Watch Weeds Season 7 Episode 9 Online....

weeds season 7 episode 9

Ambitions can make people look for opportunities around them, but the lookout doesn’t always go down well with all. Something similar would be going on in the upcoming episode of Weeds.

Zoya has been a rolling stone after her return in Nancy’s life. After making herself known as a love interest of Nancy, she has started taking interest in the business ventures as well.

In the upcoming episode, she would lay her eyes on Andy’s bike business. She would be determined to gain control of the store, much to Andy and Nancy’s disgust.

Andy would surely not be ready to lay down his weapons without a fight, and with Nancy’s help, he would try to save what is his.

Andy and Nancy would not be the only one in trouble. Silas would once again stumble in Pouncy House Party Rentals. They have been competing on the same ground and there would be fair chance of sparks flying.

But I can’t be sure about that because Silas is a smart lad and knows how to handle difficult situations.

While all this would be happening, Doug would be having a session with Securities and Exchange Commission.

We saw Doug going through a bad time in the episode that aired on August 8. He was boiling with anger, because of steroids malfunction and Tillerman had to bear his wrath.

Well, I doubt the same will happen in front of Securities and Exchange Commission.

Watch Weeds season 7 episode 9 to see what the matter is all about.

While the above-mentioned incidents would be the major happenings on the show, the cat factor mentioned in the episode name has not become clear in any of the elements.
Well, watch the episode to know who the ‘Cats’ are and what are they cooking!

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