Friday, 12 August 2011

Weeds Comes up with Synthetics as well as Ghosts!

weeds season 7 episode 8
You must be familiar with the synthetics element as that is what the upcoming episode of the Weeds is titled, but the ghost would surely catch you off guard.

Well, the ghost is not the one that resides in garrets, or beneath our beds for that matter.

Here, ghost is someone who belongs to the past but is alive like you and me.

The ghost I am talking about is Zoya and she would come in Nancy’s life much to her dread. 

Yes, she is the same Zoya who shared the cell with Nancy when she was locked in prison.

Nancy would not be comfortable to see her pal from the prison life and she would be getting sweat breaks behind her ears.

What is it that Nancy is afraid of? Is there a secret that Nancy doesn’t want to come out in the open? Well, I don’t know what the matter is all about but once I go through Weeds season 7 episode 8 it will surely clear the air for me and all of us.

Nancy, however, would not be the only one in tight spot.

Andy and Silas would be struggling to find a common ground on some matters related to a business deal. They both will be holding on to different views and this would create problems between them.

Will the two guys be able to sort their differences out or would the business deal fall apart? Watch the upcoming episode to raise the curtain from the matter!

In the last episode, we saw Shane attending lectures on applied criminology. He would gain new insights into the subject in the present episode.

The connection of the Synthetics element is still unknown, but I am sure matters would become clear when the episode goes on air.

So, be ready to go through Weeds. (And I mean the TV series!)

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